Offering Assistance to Parents & Educators

for 30 Years


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Our Mission:

The Mission is singularly focused on the understanding and the independent implementation by parents of a process found to be extremely effective in the development of IEPs. Many desire to work with school personnel in a collaborative manner, but few—including school personnel—have been trained on how to collaborate.  We can provide that training that will empower parents, advocates and educators to feel more confident at the very next child’s IEP meeting.

Our Goal:

We enable parents, advocates and educators to effectively and successfully apply a six step procedure, called the Structured Collaborative IEP Process, which will guide the entire IEP team in answering six key questions that will facilitate collaboration among IEP team members. The results are shorter and fewer IEP meetings focused on the child’s identified and agreed-to needs. Ultimately, the completed IEP will meet the child’s needs with full team agreement.

We Serve: 

We work with parents and advocates who want to know how to collaboratively work with school personnel. We work with parents who want to know how to ensure that their child’s needs are going to be met through the programming and services that their child needs that are written into the IEP meeting. AND we work with educators who would also like to lead a collaborative IEP meeting that is based on cooperation and are effective in meeting the child’s needs and not that of an individual.

Educational Learning and Training, LLC is comprised of experienced professionals whose skills, knowledge, and practice are founded in the development of individualized education programs (IEPs) through the Structure Collaborative IEP Process. Our belief is centered on the development of an IEP meeting as a team that is focused on the child’s needs and not that of an individual or institution.

If you would like to have an IEP meeting where participants work together to create an Individualized Education Program that will benefit your child, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions on how we can bring this training to you.