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What Users Are Saying About The Special Education Decoder System

I am super excited about the launch of the Special Education Decoder System.  Already sales are moving along and comments back from users are extremely positive.

I thought I would share some of those comments here:

“This resource will prove to be a game-changer for parents and advocates. It is what we’ve needed for years – showing with clear visuals the strengths and weaknesses of our children. I’ve taken it to numerous team meetings and have had an incredibly positive response (and outcome) at each.” Ann M.

“I believe this [Special Education Decoder System] could be very beneficial to parents, teachers and others who participate on the IEP Team developing an appropriate plan for children with disabilities. Many family members struggle to understand the test data and form questions ask when they participate as informed members of the important team discussion.” C.D

And here are the pros C.D. cited:

    • easily accessible [on] computers, tablets, smart phones

    • simple to input scores

    • easy to see what additional information you may need to request for evaluators (sometimes parents don’t have information from all subtests completed/attempted)

    • easily develop a visual of the data – addressing a child’s possible strengths and needs

 “I don’t post products without actually testing the product myself. I can say I was impressed with this amazing program from the beginning. I was selected to test the program out in its infancy stage. I also want every one reading this to know I am not getting any money for my endorsement of this product. Vaughn Lauer’s dedication to helping parents truly shows in this program. It is going to be a game changer for parents advocating. Please check it out and ask questions if you have them.” Kerri P.

“… I am very impressed with how useful this tool will be for the IEP Team members. All who have struggles to create graphs of testing data will happily use this product.

Evaluating evaluations was always time consuming for me, looking at scores on individual tests, trying to see where they all fitted together and what they revealed about a student.  Having to present this information clearly to teachers and parents in a way that was understandable was, at times, an additional challenge.

Using the decoder has simplified all of this.  It instantly provides an overall view of a student’s test scores on a bell chart, facilitating comparisons quickly and easily.” Ann. H.

If you want to experience the same results these people did, just click HERE to learn more about the Special Education Decoder System and try it out for free.