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Training on IDEA, 504 and ADA Regulations

gavel_scale_of_justice_1600_clr_2880The Laws (IDEA, 504 and ADA) and Using Them in Developing Your Child’s IEP Without The Frustrations

This training will help you to understand the law, become familiar with the jargon associated with the regulations and know how to apply the regulations toward building better IEPs. You will also learn how to lead a collaborative IEP meeting to ensure that the child’s needs are met.

You can learn about the laws from other sources, but this course focuses on the application of the laws in the development of IEPs using real case scenarios and participant experiences.

This Course is For You if You Want to Feel Confident at IEP Meetings and You Want t0:

• Actively participate (or help another to actively participate) in and IEP meeting
• Understand the special education processes
• Know which regulations apply to each of the steps in the special education processes
• Know how to locate the federal and state laws and regulations related to special education
• Be comfortable with the special education jargon so that you can hold a equal conversation with school personnel
• Lessen anxiety that might surface during the IEP meeting
• Learn how to work collaboratively with school personnel
• Develop an IEP that is focused on the child’s needs and not that of an individual or institution
• Learn to practice and apply the regulations before you attend the IEP meeting.


The course is provided online so there is:

• no travel
• no parking
• no accommodations to worry about and
• you can do this from any computer that is available to you.

Each week you will receive a host of information that will ready you for the following week’s session and will include:

• A tasks documents outlining what is needed to be done to prepare for the next week’s session
• Reading materials that will be used in the following week’s training.
• Video recorded presentations that provide explanations of the regulations under discussion
• Resources for further reading
• Copies of the regulations being discussed.

Each week you will join me along with the other participants for a discussion about the week’s topic.

• Questions will be asked about the readings and video presentations that were made available in preparation for and prior to the course discussion.
• Real case scenarios are presented and are key to understanding how the regulations come into play during and IEP meeting.

Free weekly individual consultant time is available to each participant.

This has been an incredibly enjoyable experience and here are just a couple of the comments from previous participants:

From an experienced advocate: “I am enjoying the training…learning and even rethinking a practice or two…”

From a long term expert and trainer in dyslexia: “I love the videos you are presenting. They are well-paced and very informative. I like that you are forcing us to find our ‘opinions” in the codes.’


Limited Enrollment

Participation is limited to 10 participants. I want the sessions small so that everyone’s needs are met.

Enrollment Period

Enrollment ends once 10 participants have registered.


For the opportunity to learn about the laws and how to develop quality IEPs, for the small group format and online convenience and for the weekly consultation, the cost for this training is more than reasonable and far less than you would pay for less elsewhere.

The price continues to rise annually, however, the cost for the spring session (2016) is only $695. There will be a total of two sessions next year, but the cost for the fall session (2016) will be higher.

FOR QUESTIONS please click the question marks ??? and you will be taken to the contact page to submit your question. I will get back to you as soon as possible.



When the School Says No…

How to Get the Yes! Workshop

When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes!   Helping parents, advocates and educators to successfully navigate through the IEP process to obtain needed services for their children.

A workshop dedicated to enabling you to lead an IEP team in a collaborative manner using a sequential set of steps thate will lead to an IEP  based on your child’s needs and one dedicated to meeting those needs

If your child has a disability, you know the importance of making sure your child receives the required services to address his/her needs.  This IEP training will provide parents and school staff with the skills to work collaboratively together so that your child’s needs are identified and agreed to, resulting in an IEP that meets your child’s specific needs.

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