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Book Endorsements

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“What a great resource! This book is a must read for every parent looking for a way to better collaborate with school personnel. The author outlines a no-nonsense approach that is easy to understand and put into practice.”

Susan Davis Section Chief for Program Improvement and Professional Development, Exceptional Children Division, North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction January 4, 2017

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“As an educator and mother, I’ve sat on both sides of the table during IEP meetings. This book is an exceptionally useful tool for parents working to get their children the services they need in the most appropriate setting. I wish I’d had it when I was navigating the process as a parent.’

Mary Ellen Webb parent of two children with special educational needs and teacher at Westfield High School, Chantilly, Virginia January 4, 2017

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"Unlike most books that merely refer to the law to help parents understand their rights and responsibilities in special education, here the author uses true stories about parents, who convince schools to not only comply, but to also develop strategies and programs for their children with disabilities that are meaningful and measurable.”

Marie-Anne Aghazadian parent of a child with autism and Director of Delaware’s Parent Training and Information Center January 4, 2017

Amazon Reviews

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“Dr. Lauer’s book is a great read for educators and parents alike! We all know working together is better so let’s FOCUS ON THE CHILD and work our way through those IEP meetings more efficiently (and effectively) together.”

Treva Maitland January 4, 2017

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“I am deeply moved & touched by the stories of these families in your book. Your book is by far one of the best books I have ever read regarding the IEP process.”

Johanna Burke January 4, 2017

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“My interest was drawn to this book because I have a daughter who is a professional in the field and I thought perhaps it would provide insight into some of the challenges she faces in her working life. Soon I was pulled into the emotional struggles of a mother who recognized that her son with autism was not being helped by his school; actually he was losing ground in his emotional growth. Eventually her son’s situation improved in part through the application of approaches developed by Dr. Lauer over the course of a long, varied and distinguished career. Various real world cases are used throughout the book to demonstrate how the behaviors of the students, when analyzed thoroughly, objectively and to the extent possible unemotionally, provide data which allows the best decisions to be made.The techniques developed by Lauer might well be adapted to many other human endeavors where one group must interact with others to achieve a common goal.”

A. Loux January 4, 2017

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“Very impressed with When the School says No, How to get a yes by Dr. Vaughn Lauer. The author has a unique perspective on the tools necessary to accomplish a successful IEP meeting and get the services needed for each individual child. He is able to bring this process down to a few simple steps that are easily followed and accomplished by those on Both sides of the table.

Dr. Lauer presents us with true stories of real life situations from the parent’s point of view. He then expounds on measures that were or could have been taken to help with a resolution to the problems.

He is articulate and personable. He uses out of the box explanations so that the layman can easily understand his points. His methods are simple and precise.

I believe that Dr. Lauer’s book is a must read for anyone involved in the IEP processes.”

Janet Dalton January 4, 2017

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“This informative book really helped me to understand the struggles that other parents like myself go through when trying to get services for our children.”

Courney Pugh January 4, 2017

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“When the School Says No…How to Get the Yes! should be required reading for every special needs parent, advocate, educator, and administrator!”

Kim Fields Autism Asperger’s Digest Managing Editor January 4, 2017

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“As a special education teacher and building administrator, this is the best information for parents and child study teams members I have ever read. Dr. Lauer’s advice is clear and easy to understand. The case studies will help parents be prepared for their IEP meetings. And most importantly, this book offers a positive, collaborative approach to developing appropriate educational programs for children.”

Melissa W. Sadin January 4, 2017

Comments from Learning Ally’s Virtual Conference for Parents
December 5, 2015

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“This is super helpful! I’m trying to re-do my son’s goals now.”

“Can we clone him and take him to all of our IEP meetings? haha! ;)”

J.J. January 6, 2017

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“Vaughn presents things so well. Very methodical and thoughtful!”

E.T. January 6, 2017

Feedback Received on Facebook

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"I recently spoke to Vaughn Lauer regarding concerns I have regarding my daughter's IEP and he is an amazing source of information. Thank you!"

Kris Tubbs Topolcsik January 24, 2017

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"I have had a difficult time with my district. I stood strong, learned the rules and laws with Vaughn Lauer by my side. I recommend speaking with him; his knowledge is golden. With his help my child is on honor role in his new school for children with Dyslexia."

Kerri Perez January 24, 2017

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"Vaughn Lauer I just love this man. He's so wonderful. ❤"

Lisa White-Mitchell January 24, 2017

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"Thank you Vaughn Lauer! You are an amazing asset to others."

Eileen Miller January 24, 2017

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"Vaughn has great info."

Jill O'Brien Mount January 24, 2017

Feedback Received on LinkedIn

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“Thank you Vaughn Lauer for your contributions to this board, to the LD community at large and for your book, “When the School Says No, How to Get to Yes”. Congratulations for making Dyslexia Training Institute’s top 10 list.

Michelle A. Special Education Parent Advocate January 6, 2017