Offering Assistance to Parents & Educators

for 30 Years

Professional History

Final Portrait with Blue Background 9_25_14Dr. Vaughn K. Lauer is an expert in special education who is committed to creating collaborative relationships among education professionals, parents, and other IEP team members. Having worked in the field of special education as a teacher and as an administrator at the building, district and state levels and through the eyes of private organizations, and having worked closely with parents who have children with unmet special education needs, Vaughn has obtained a 360 degree view of special education. He’s seen a lot go wrong. He’s seen a lot go right. While many factors influence the outcome, there are two things that stand out as being pivotal.

Child-Centric Focus

Vaughn has stepped out from under the intense glare of the bureaucratic processes of the special education system to pursue opportunities to build the skills and touch the hearts of parents and professionals all over the world. Vaughn knows that implementing these two things simultaneously—creating teams that work collaboratively with a child-centric focus—can make special education better faster than many of the methods advocated today.

Often, special education experts are positioned on either the parents’ side or on the teachers’ side. Vaughn sees both sides, but finds himself aligned somewhere different, somewhere that’s too often missed. Vaughn is on the children’s side. He reaches out to both parents and teachers in the hope that he can help them acquire and use the skills, knowledge, and methods they need to put the children first and to produce individualized programs that work effectively every time. This is Vaughn’s mission. This is Vaughn’s passion.

Dr. Vaughn K. Lauer has the key that unlocks the secret to getting the “yes”—the programs and services– children need.

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