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Open Letter From A High School Student

Dear Mom and Dad and My Teachers

Learning is tough for me. Reading is bad enough, but writing can be even worse. This is short because it wares me out to write my thoughts. I need your help. I don’t need to be reminded of what I new and remebered yestrday. I didn’t remeber it today. I don’t find school work fun like you guys did. I don’t feel as smart as you tell me I am. You remind me of how stupid I feel every time you say there were others with learning problems like Enestine or the airplane guy. I am not like either one of them.  I never will be. I am me.

I do need help but I’m in high school and am tired of asking for it and not being listned to when I tell you. It does not help. I’m tired of stuff like being called out to go to a room to take tests and sit there for an hour way after I am done because you put it in that IEP.

You did that without evn asking me if I needed or even wanted it. I feel so depndnt on you all now because I’m not sure what I really can do on my own.

I can’t beleve that is what you really wanted for me because I know you care but that is where I am. I know you wanted the best for me, but you forgot what I needed and spent most of the time worrying about the IEP and not me. You worry about those silly acmodations and not helping me.

I still need your help. Please talk with me and not at me.