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IEP Multimedia

At the 2014 P20 (Parent 2.0) Talks Conference, held in Dublin, Ireland, Dr Lauer addresses: What to do when you are told: “We don’t do that here!” Watch the video here.

Dyslexia Talk – When the School Says No, How to Get Yes
September, 2014


Interview with Cari DeCandia of the National Autism Network


March 2014 – Become a Partner with Your Special Education School System with Jill Vetstein of Nurturing Parents and Teachers

Getting the Yes for Children with IEPs Decoding Dyslexia Florida Feb. 8 2014
Click here for the webinar

6 Questions To Ask During An IEP Meeting National Autism Network December 9, 2013.  Click here for the webinar

November 2013 – 6 Questions to Ask During IEP Meetings


Interviews with Michael Hart

When the School Says No… How to Get the Yes! – Exclusive Interview with Dr. Vaughn Lauer. Listen to the interview here and watch the video below:


Book Review with Dr. Michael Hart

Total Tutor

October, 2012 –  Standardized Test Part 2 


October 2012 –Educational Research


November 2012 – Response to Intervention


November 2012 – Data: Useful or Useless