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Finally, A Way to Make Sense of Psychoeducational Evaluations!


Over decades of attending school meetings where psychoeducational evaluations and  test scores were discussed, I’ve made the same observations that you likely have, too:

  • The reports are almost always long and wordy, filled with technical terms and with dozens—literally DOZENS—of test scores.

  • Reading the reports can be like trying to read and understand federal tax codes, and

  • Listening to the explanations of the reports can be just as frustrating.

And many of us have spent hours writing pages of notes and drawing charts and graphs on paper, and even tried using Excel—all in an attempt to make sense of those test scores.

The results? Frustrations and wasted time.

Okay, imagine:

  • a way to get it done automatically

  • having each test’s scores rank ordered

  • having the test scores plotted on a bell curve

  • and more!

Imagine everyone at the team meeting finally able to SEE how the test scores cluster around your child’s strengths and needs.

The results:  Eligibility decisions are more easily made by informed teams and IEPs are written with needs-based goals.

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