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Learning Ally Resources: October 20th Presentation

VIDEOS AND AUDIOS Optimize Your Child’s IEP Through Structured Collaboration Special Needs Intervention Is A Parent-School Collaboration: Interview With Dr. Vaughn Lauer Interview Vaughn K. Lauer, PhD, Advice And Book On Securing Special Education Services for Your Child   SHORT ARTICLES There Is No Quick Fix To IEP Planning 5 Of…
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Bad Advice from Good Intentioned People

I know it’s been a long—too long—time since I posted a blog. This is what happens when you overextend yourself. For that, and bad planning on my part, I apologize. In that interim I have been reading posts on Facebook and LinkedIn and was dismayed, no, that’s an understatement, actually agitated by the repeated bad…
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The other day, a parent told me of her visit to an MD where she went seeking advice on dealing with her son’s ADHD behaviors at home and school. She approached the doctor in earnest, citing the specific behaviors, where they took place and how often. She even told the doctor of “things” that were…
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