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Making Sense of Test Scores/How to Evaluate an Evaluation

Because this course description is long, I am providing a link to a PDF document that you can download to read. Please note that registration for this course is time sensitive and closes on February 22, 2018, so you will need to contact me at the provided email address soon if you wish to take…
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Open Letter From A High School Student

Dear Mom and Dad and My Teachers Learning is tough for me. Reading is bad enough, but writing can be even worse. This is short because it wares me out to write my thoughts. I need your help. I don’t need to be reminded of what I new and remebered yestrday. I didn’t remeber it…
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What Users Are Saying About The Special Education Decoder System

I am super excited about the launch of the Special Education Decoder System.  Already sales are moving along and comments back from users are extremely positive. I thought I would share some of those comments here: “This resource will prove to be a game-changer for parents and advocates. It is what we've needed for years…
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Finally, A Way to Make Sense of Psychoeducational Evaluations!

  Over decades of attending school meetings where psychoeducational evaluations and  test scores were discussed, I’ve made the same observations that you likely have, too: The reports are almost always long and wordy, filled with technical terms and with dozens—literally DOZENS—of test scores. Reading the reports can be like trying to read and understand federal…
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Lions and Tigers and Test Scores, Oh My!

NORMAL DISTRIBUTION AND OTHER TEST SCORES Different types of scores can be reported on the same test, but that is not an issue if we have the following Normal Distribution chart with us. To show that, let’s look at some examples of different test scores that may be reported to you, beginning with percentiles. PERCENTILES…
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We all want our children to have a high sense of self-esteem. As parents and educators we hope that our children will feel confident about themselves. And it’s possible, but it comes at a price. The price? Well, it’s the cost of being successful and successful in a real way, not a contrived or pretentious…
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Determining AT and Accommodations at an IEP Meeting

Way back in the dark ages neither AT (1990) nor accommodations (1997) had seen the light of day in IDEA. In IDEA, AT can be found in Section 300.105 and under Section 300.324, a, (2) (consideration of special factors). In IDEA, the term “accommodations” is found in 300.160 (Participation in assessments).  Section 504 of the…
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